September 28, 2022

Prestige Smart City in Sarjapur

Prestige Smart City in Sarjapur is a contemporary eco-city, which is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Established as a joint venture by the Maharashtra government and Infocity Group, Prestige Smart City has come up as one of the leading planned communities all over India. It was incorporated with the urban planning and development agency of Maharashtra Government. The main thrust of Prestige Smart City was to provide high quality life style, integrated public-private sector interaction, improved and advanced services at affordable prices. This plan was later translated into a real estate project and a residential complex named as Prestige Smart City in Sarjapur.

Prestige Smart City has formulated few key special features which are sure to aid residents come to this website and enjoy superior facilities before eventually buying. These comprise of a well equipped gymnasium, multi-gym recreational playgrounds for kids, landscaped green vegetables, swimming pools, 100% power/electric backups for electrical, common sections and 24-hour security service for all major buildings in the area. It is also worth to mention that the state government has taken an active part in the development process and is very much behind the project by providing funds for improving basic infrastructure facilities in the town.

The Prestige Smart City in Sarjapur is the first planned community of its type in the country, being built adjacent to an upcoming international airport. It has come up with one-stop destination concept, a unique feature that offers visitors easy accessibility from different points of the town. The airport is about 25 kilometers away, making it possible for residents to reach the place conveniently through either car or public transport. The state-of-the art fitness center located just two kilometers away from the town facilitates visitors with indoor swimming pool and health clubs. Also, the Sarjapur airport offers air conditioned car facility to pick and drop travelers at the exit of the airport.

The Prestige Smart City in Sarjapur is also coming up as one of the major upcoming projects of esteemed realty investor DLF. Established by world-class investors, DLF includes names like Pantaloon and Lodha Vida, which are well known names in the property sector. With the development of Prestige properties in sarjapur main road, these upcoming projects will surely fetch great returns in the near future. In the near future, this company plans to develop more luxury properties along the renowned Bangali Road. The prime commercial property site is located at approximately 900 acres of land, which was earlier used as a parking lot for the local bus. However, ever since DLF took over the land, this portion has now been made available for high-end residential development.

An exclusive residential complex named as Cyber Towers has already been built at this site and it is spread across three stories. Also, a luxury residential project named as Cyber City is scheduled to be developed here at the same site. If the demand for online shopping increases at the same pace as the other retail properties, it is possible that Sarjapur may become one of the hot investment destinations for the upcoming years.

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